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100 Photos: Stunning Lemonade Braids for Kids 2021/2022

Are you searching for the perfect lemonade braids for kids? Here is the right place for you because you will see all the different hairstyles for lemonade braids that you can chose from. It doesn’t matter whether your child is 9, 10,11, or 12 years because we have got them all covered for you little girl.

Lemonade braids are side swept cornrows which can have different sizes and length too. This hairstyle is also a protective hairstyle and that is why it should be a great choice for your kid. Lemonade hairstyle can be equally rocked to several occasions such as birthday, weddings and your kid can equally attend school with this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you can use darling hair of about 3-4 packs for your kid depending on the length. You kid’s natural hair should either be medium or long in order for her to enjoy this hairstyle more. This hairstyle can last up to one month.

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