How To Grow Your Kid’s Hair With Herbal Cure

A Beginners Guide to Growing an African American Child’s Hair (by a Mom Who’s Doing It) – Pt. 1: Hair Types

Boil barbecue, battered pomegranate raspberries and cinnamon in water for 30 minutes. Filter this water and mix it until it reaches the lotion consistency, adding sesame oil and scrambled eggs. Wash your kid’s hair often with this lotion that provides rapid hair growth.

Stir the black mousse with a cheesecloth and mix it with sesame oil and egg until it becomes slurry. Then heat this mixture for 5 minutes. Wash her hair every two days with this quick hair extension lotion.

Grilled radishes are filtered after 30 minutes of cooking in water. The resulting liquid is mixed with egg yolk until it becomes slurry. With the prepared slurry, the hair is often washed by rubbing.

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