15 Quick and Easy Natural Hairstyles for Kids to Look Adorable

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1. Puff Ponytail:
Simply gather the hair at the crown and secure it with a band. This easy-to-do style suits any occasion and can be accessorized with bows or headbands.

2. Two-Strand Twists:
Divide the hair into small sections and twist two pieces together from root to tip. This style works great for all lengths and can be left in for days.

3. Flat Twists:
Similar to cornrows but simpler. Twist the hair onto the scalp and secure with pins. Ideal for keeping hair away from the face.

4. Bantu Knots:
Section off the hair and twist into small buns all over the head. Not only is this style chic, but it’s also a protective style that promotes hair growth.

5. Crown Halo Braid:
Braid the hair around the head like a halo. This gives an elegant and neat look suitable for formal occasions.

6. High Bun:
Gather all the hair at the top and twist it into a bun. It’s perfect for keeping hair protected and out of the way, especially during sports activities.

7. Box Braids:
While it might take a bit more time initially, once done, they last for weeks and can be styled in various ways.

8. Afro Puffs:
A cute and playful style. Just divide the hair into sections and tie them into individual puffs.

9. Mohawk Braid:
Braid the sides upward and leave the center as a puff. This gives a trendy edgy look for your little one.

10. Pineapple Updo:
Pull the curls up to the crown, letting them fall freely at the top, resembling a pineapple. Great for showcasing those natural curls!

11. Simple Cornrows:
Straight back cornrows are easy and serve as a fantastic protective style.

12. Side Swept Twist:
Twist the hair from one side, bringing it to the opposite side and securing with pins. Perfect for short to medium length hair.

13. Banding Method:
Use multiple bands down the length of a section of hair. It’s an excellent way to stretch curls without using heat.

14. Finger Coils:
Using a styling gel, wrap small sections of hair around your finger to create coils. Perfect for defining those natural curls.

15. Half Up, Half Down Bun:
Section the front part of the hair and put it into a bun while leaving the back free. It’s a versatile style suitable for any occasion.

With these 15 easy and quick kids natural hairstyles, you can ensure your child looks fabulous without spending too much time and effort. Whether you choose braids, buns, ponytails, or twists, these hairstyles are perfect for showcasing your child’s natural beauty. And the best part? They are all protective styles that help in maintaining the health and growth of their natural hair. So go ahead, and try them out!

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