+ 40 Amazing Braided Styles You Need To Look Gorgeous

Braided hairstyles have long been a favorite for their versatility, beauty, and the way they protect natural hair. From simple to intricate designs, there’s a braid style for every taste and occasion. Here are some amazing braided styles you need to try to look gorgeous and stand out.

1. Box Braids

Box braids are a timeless classic that never goes out of style. These braids are created by sectioning the hair into small square or rectangular parts and braiding each section from the root to the tip. Box braids can be worn long or short, thick or thin, and can be adorned with beads, cuffs, and other accessories. They are perfect for those who want a low-maintenance style that can last for weeks.

2. Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are larger and more pronounced than regular cornrows. They offer a regal and elegant look that is perfect for both casual and formal settings. These braids can be styled in various ways, such as in a crown, a bun, or left flowing down the back. Adding accessories like beads or gold threads can enhance the beauty of goddess braids.

3. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids, inspired by the Fulani people of West Africa, are known for their intricate and beautiful designs. This style typically features a central braid or cornrow, with smaller braids on the sides adorned with beads and cowrie shells. Fulani braids are not only stylish but also serve as a protective hairstyle that can last for weeks with proper care.

4. Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is a fun and stylish alternative to the traditional three-strand braid. It involves dividing the hair into two sections and then taking small pieces from each section and crossing them over to the opposite side. The result is a beautiful, intricate braid that resembles a fishtail. This style can be worn as a single braid, a side braid, or even incorporated into an updo for a unique and trendy look.

5. Cornrow Braids

Cornrows are a traditional African braid style that involves braiding the hair very close to the scalp, creating rows of raised braids. This style can be simple or intricate, depending on the patterns and designs used. Cornrows are perfect for those who want a long-lasting and low-maintenance style that can be easily accessorized with beads, cuffs, and other embellishments.

6. Halo Braid

The halo braid is an elegant and timeless style perfect for both casual and formal occasions. This braid encircles the head like a halo, creating a beautiful and ethereal look. It’s a great way to keep hair off your face while still showcasing your braiding skills. The halo braid can be adorned with flowers, pearls, or other accessories for a more personalized touch.

7. Braided Updo

For a chic and sophisticated look, the braided updo is an excellent choice. This style involves braiding the hair and then pinning it up into an elegant updo. It’s perfect for special events such as weddings, parties, or even a night out. The braided updo can be as intricate or as simple as you like, allowing for plenty of customization to suit your personal style.

8. Feed-In Braids

Feed-in braids, also known as knotless braids, offer a more natural look compared to traditional braids. This technique involves gradually adding braiding hair to the natural hair, creating a seamless transition that looks and feels more comfortable. Feed-in braids are less bulky at the roots, reducing tension on the scalp and making them a healthier option for your hair.

9. Box Braids with Curly Ends

Box braids with curly ends give a fresh and modern update to the classic box braid style. This look combines the sleekness of box braids with the softness and volume of curls, creating a playful and dynamic appearance. You can achieve this by braiding your hair and leaving the ends loose, then curling them with a curling iron or flexi rods.

10. Colored Braids

Injecting color into your braids is a fun way to express your personality and stay on trend. From vibrant hues like neon pinks, blues, and purples to more subtle ombre effects, colored braids are a playful and eye-catching option. You can opt for a full head of colored braids or incorporate colorful streaks for a more understated look.


Braided hairstyles are a fantastic way to showcase your creativity and enhance your natural beauty. Whether you prefer classic styles like box braids and cornrows or want to experiment with modern trends like feed-in braids and colored braids, there’s a braided hairstyle to suit every preference and occasion. Embrace the versatility and elegance of braids and get ready to look gorgeous with these amazing styles.

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