45 Fun Kids Braids You Can Do on Fun Days

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Braiding is a versatile hairstyling technique that can be both fun and functional. If you’re looking to infuse some playful creativity into your child’s hair for special fun days, here are some delightful braid ideas:

  1. Rainbow Braids: Use temporary hair chalk or colored hair sprays to add different colors to sections of the hair before braiding. This is particularly fun for events like birthdays or themed parties.
  2. Braided Unicorn Horn: Pull the hair into a high ponytail at the top of the head. Braid it, then twist it around into a unicorn horn shape, securing with bobby pins.
  3. Heart-Shaped Braids: Split a ponytail into two sections and create two three-strand braids. Bend each braid into a half-heart shape and join them at the ends.
  4. Butterfly Braid: Create multiple ponytails in a row down the center of the head. Split each ponytail in half, braid each half, and then join each pair of braids to form “butterfly wings”.
  5. Braided Crown with Ribbons: Incorporate colorful ribbons into a halo braid around the head. This gives the appearance of a vibrant, woven crown.
  6. Flower Bun Braid: Create a braided bun at the back of the head and pin it in a spiral, resembling a flower. You can tuck small faux flowers into the braid for an added floral touch.
  7. Bubble Braids: These are ponytails segmented with elastics every few inches, and each section is gently pulled apart to form “bubbles”. They’re fun and quick to do!
  8. Braided Pigtails with Beads: Create classic pigtails but braid them all the way down, adding colorful beads to the ends.
  9. Starburst Braid: This starts as a circular braid at the crown of the head, radiating outward. It’s a standout look that’s perfect for fun events.
  10. Mermaid Tail Braid: Using a fishtail technique, create a braid down the back, loosening sections as you go to give the braid width and a ‘mermaid tail’ effect.
  11. Zipper Braids: This is a unique, intricate-looking braid that resembles a zipper. It may take some practice, but the results are show-stopping!
  12. Snake Braid: Instead of braiding down in a straight line, curve the braid from one side of the head to the other, creating an ‘S’ shape or snake-like effect.

Styling Tips:

  • Always ensure that the child’s hair is detangled before starting any braid. Use a wide-toothed comb and a detangling spray if needed.
  • Be gentle. Children’s scalps can be sensitive. Ensure braids aren’t too tight to prevent discomfort.
  • Use fun accessories like hairpins, beads, and elastics to add an extra touch of creativity.
  • Involve your child in the process! Let them choose colors, accessories, and the style they want. It’s a great bonding activity and ensures they’ll love the final look.

With a bit of creativity, braiding can be a fun activity that results in a delightful hairdo your child will love showing off!

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