50 Simple And Beautiful Hairstyle Braids For Children

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Braided hairstyles are versatile, protective, and low-maintenance, making them an excellent choice for children. Here are some simple yet beautiful braided hairstyles for the little ones:

  1. Classic Cornrows:
    • Straight back or in a design, cornrows are timeless. Add a modern touch with fun designs or colorful hairbands at the ends.
  2. Box Braids Bob:
    • Shorter box braids that fall just above the shoulders. Lightweight and manageable for children.
  3. Two Braided Pigtails:
    • Divide the hair down the middle and braid each side, securing with a colorful band or ribbon.
  4. Braided Crown:
    • Take a section of hair from ear to ear and braid it in a circular motion, forming a crown. Leave the rest of the hair free or in a ponytail.
  5. Braided Bangs:
    • Braid the front section of hair, moving from one side to the other, keeping the rest of the hair loose or in a ponytail.
  6. Fishbone Braids:
    • A more intricate look, but very stylish. You can do a single fishbone braid down the back or two on either side.
  7. Twisted Braids:
    • Instead of the traditional three-strand braid, twist two sections of hair around each other. This is quicker and simpler than traditional braiding.
  8. Heart-shaped Braids:
    • This involves creating two side braids that meet in the middle and form a heart shape. Perfect for special occasions!
  9. Four-strand Slide Up Braid:
    • This looks complicated but is pretty straightforward. Braid with four strands and then slide up to create a “bubbled” effect.
  10. Simple Side Braid:
  • A quick and easy style, perfect for school or play. Just sweep the hair to one side and braid.

Styling Tips:

  • Always ensure braids aren’t too tight, especially at the hairline, to prevent breakage or discomfort.
  • Allow children to choose fun hair accessories like beads, ribbons, and hairpins to make the hairstyle feel special and personalized.
  • Remember to moisturize and care for the scalp and hair even when it’s braided to ensure it remains healthy.

Braids offer endless possibilities, and the beauty lies in their simplicity and functionality. Whether it’s for school, a special event, or just everyday wear, these braided hairstyles are sure to be a hit with both parents and children!

Braids for kids aren’t just simple to style, but they’re the most effective hairstyle that your kid can get for school or any other occasion. They also double as defensive hairstyles to keep your child’s edges secure from breakage, and with a little patience and practice, you can tie your little girl’s hair easily.

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