50+ Unique Cornrow Hairstyles: Explore a Variety of Cornrow Braid Styles

Braided hair is indeed highly versatile and offers a wide range of styling options. Among the various braided hairstyles, African braids, particularly cornrow braid hairstyles, have remained popular over the years. These hairstyles are especially well-suited for black hair, which is often curly and textured. Cornrows provide a practical and stylish way to manage and style such hair.

Cornrow braid hairstyles come in many different variations, allowing for creativity and personalization. Tight and edgy cornrow styles create a sleek and polished look, while wrap-around braids add an elegant and intricate touch. Whimsical braids are perfect for those with long hair, while twisted rope braids offer a unique and eye-catching appearance.

Notably, cornrows and braids are on-trend this summer, making them a popular choice for many women. These hairstyles offer the advantage of low maintenance, allowing you to enjoy your styled hair for about one or two months without extensive daily styling routines. This aspect is particularly appreciated by black-haired women, as curly hair can be challenging to style and maintain.

By opting for cornrow braid hairstyles, black-haired women can embrace their natural hair texture while showcasing stunning and trendy looks. These hairstyles not only provide a break from daily styling but also offer protective benefits by minimizing manipulation and reducing the risk of hair damage.

Furthermore, cornrow braid hairstyles provide an opportunity for self-expression and creativity. With various patterns, sizes, and designs to choose from, individuals can personalize their cornrows to reflect their unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a classic and neat appearance or a more intricate and elaborate design, cornrow braid hairstyles can cater to a wide range of preferences.

In conclusion, cornrow braid hairstyles are a popular and enduring choice for black-haired women due to their versatility, low maintenance, and ability to showcase the natural beauty of curly hair. They offer an array of styling options and allow individuals to embrace their unique style while providing a break from daily hairstyling routines. By choosing cornrow braid hairstyles, black-haired women can enjoy stylish, practical, and protective hairdos that celebrate their natural hair texture.

Braided hair is extremely flexible for styling. Every year stylists create new and trendy hairstyles, but African braids always stay popular. Cornrow braid hairstyles is a perfect way to style black hair. Usually, black hair is curly and naughty. So, cornrow braid hairstyles are very suitable for such hair. There are many types of cornrows, tight and edgy cornrow styles, wrap-around braids, whimsical braids for long hair, twisted rope braids. By the way, cornrows and braids are trendy this summer. This hairstyle allows you an opportunity to forget about styling your hair about one or two months. It is a great pleasure for black-haired women because it is very hard to style curly hair.

Fancy long cornrow braids hairstyles 2

As you may have noticed, we are gonna talk about different types of cornrows here. The thing is, we all love cornrow braids  — as we’ve said, they’re perfect for curly hair, they’re cute and chic, they can be elegant, messy and formal… and they are also nostalgic as hell. The 1990s trends are here again, and all these amazing cornrows hairstyles have their roots in the 1990s — but the good news is, you don’t have to be a hip-hop star or fan to wear such hairstyles. All you have to do is to have curly hair, that’s all.

Here we’ll tell you about the best cornrows hairstyles in the world. We’ve found 25 fantastic haircuts that will suit all hair lengths and all face shapes. Just choose any of these gorgeous braided cuts and change your style!

Fancy long cornrow braids hairstyles 4

Fancy long cornrow braids hairstyles

We’d like to talk about some really long hairstyles here. They usually look extremely feminine and elegant, and of course they are really trending this year — sounds good, right? Well, braids are always trending and we don’t see any reasons why they should go out of style. The majority of experts agree with this statement, btw.

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. The first hairstyle here is a feed-in braided cut, and it’s just perfect. Seriously, it looks gorgeous, and if you have long hair, you just can’t miss it. The good news here is that it’s one of those so-called “protective” hairstyles — so if you wanna protect your hair while you’re wearing cool African American braids, well, that’s what you need. Please, note that if you want to prevent itching (it’s a common problem for those who have such a haircut) it would be better for you to use some dry shampoo. Yeah, it’s obvious, but lots of people forget about it. Well, you certainly won’t!

Fancy long cornrow braids hairstyles 3

Let’s continue talking about these cool cornrow designs. The second one is not basically a classic cornrow hairstyle, no. It’s what we call “goddess braids” — thick cornrows, in short words. It’s another protective haircut, but it’s definitely differs from the previous cut.

We mean that it’s definitely a little bit “extra” hairstyle, if we may say so. But well, it’s not forbidden in the 21st century to be extra, right? If you wanna stand out from the crowd, that’s exactly what you were looking for. Check it out!

The third hairstyle here is a classic long braided cornrow style. Basically, pulling your cornrows to the back is a perfect classic choice that will never go out of style, and this hairstyle certainly proves these words. Super long braided ponytail is exactly what we call a stylish hairstyle. Don’t you agree?

What about some Fulani braids? It’s a very complex, yet really beautiful and elegant braided hairstyle that would suit dark skin ladies perfect. “Fulani” is an African tribe in the Western Africa, and the women from this tribe wear the haircuts that look like this one. But it’s definitely not a classic Fulani haircut, because this large bun brings some modern style here. The cornrows braided into a bun — what can be better than that?


Beautiful hairstyles with thick cornrows

The answer to the questions like “how long does hair have to be for cornrows?” is extremely simple. It sounds like this: your length is most likely ok. The thing is, cornrow braids work great with both short and long hair (of course, medium length braids look great, too). It means that you don’t have to worry about whether your hair length is enough or not, cos we are sure it’s enough. If you are not one of those shaved head ladies, of course — in this case you’ll have to wait until your hair grows.

Speaking of thick cornrows, the longer and thicker your natural hair is, the better. And the good news is large and thick cornrows look even more beautiful than ordinary ones. Well, of course, we like all types of cornrows, but bigger braids look incredibly chic.

If you wanna know how to do cornrows and how long does it take to make such a hairstyle, well, we have the answers… but you will not like them. Thus, it may take up to 5 hours to make some cornrow braid updos, like this one. But the result is worth it, right?

Beautiful hairstyles with thick cornrows 1

Beautiful hairstyles with thick cornrows 2

Beautiful hairstyles with thick cornrows 3

Beautiful hairstyles with thick cornrows 4

Elegant updo cornrow braids

We couldn’t ignore more formal hairstyles like these fancy cornrow braids which form impressive updos. Thin cornrows into a high bun is by far the most popular option when it comes to braided updos and we can see the reason why they are so sought-after. Not only do such hairstyles look neat, but they are also very comfortable to wear. You can go for a simpler version of updo with cornrow braids like in the first photo or more complex ones which are presented below. One thing is sure – cornrows make any hairstyle better. Agree?

Elegant updo cornrow braids 1

Elegant updo cornrow braids 2

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Elegant updo cornrow braids 3

Cute female cornrow styles for black hair

Do you have black hair? Are you looking for some beautiful African cornrow braids? Then you are in the right place, because here we will offer you three amazing examples of what you can do with your black hair. Let’s go!

The first cornrow hairstyle we’d like to talk about here is called “lemonade braids”.Such braids look very fresh and stylish, and that’s why we love them.

Why are they called “lemonade”? Because of Beyonce! She presented her “Lemonade” album in 2016 and wore such braids during her “Formation World Tour”. Needless to say, such braids become a superhit that year — but the good news is, it seems like they are not gonna go out of style!

It’s a very creative, stylish and trending braided cornrow hairstyle, and we love that you can change this style according to your preferences. The gaps, their length, the length of the braids and the pattern in general — it’s only you who makes the choice. However, you have to know that it’s not the easiest hairstyle in the world. If you wanna know how to cornrow your own hair and how long does it take, well, the answer is 6-8 hours! It’s definitely not the best hairstyle for beginners.

The second hairstyle isn’t simple, too. It’s a braided mohawk, and it’s another style that looks perfect on black-colored hair — but if you decide to dye some braids brown or light brown, there’s nothing bad here. What’s more, such coloring look fantastic in the majority of cases — just take a look at the photo we’ve found for you and you’ll get it!

As for the last hairstyle here, well, it sounds like it’s a very simple style that will not take much time.

However, it’s quite a complex braided cornrows style and we can’t say that it’s a very good choice for beginners. On the other hand, this braided bun would be a great choice if summer is coming, because it’s a heat-protective style. If you are interested in how to take care of cornrows, this style is quite easy to maintain. You just tie the bun down at night and use a good braid spray, that’s all. If you are wondering “how long do cornrows last?”, you’ll like the answer, because this hairstyle will last up to 4 weeks!

Cute female cornrow styles for black hair 1
Cute female cornrow styles for black hair 2
Cute female cornrow styles for black hair 3

Ideas of half head cornrows braids for women

Half-cornrows braids look great, too! If you don’t wanna have your whole hair braided, that’s exactly what you’re looking for — and we are happy to present you these three amazing half-cornrows hairstyles!

What about half cornrows? If you love the natural beauty of your hair just as you love the braids, you don’t have to choose between these two anymore. The solution is here, and it’s called “half cornrows” — the hair at the back will look like your natural hair, while the vertical cornrows will take your hair out of your face. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle, and really a unique one.

The second haircut is a half-braided cut, too. It’s very simple, basically — all you have to do is to stop at the end of your head when you’re making braids. The hairstyle will look extremely elegant and would suit all kinds of formal and informal occasions. Would you try it?

The last hairstyle is a sew-in hairstyle, and it’s just perfect for those who wanted to find the cornrows with weave. And half head cornrows, of course. If you don’t wanna have the whole head braided, the one sided cornrows hairstyles like this one will be a good choice for you. No heavy maintenance is needed, btw!

Ideas of half cornrows braids for women 1

Ideas of half cornrows braids for women 2

Ideas of half cornrows braids for women 3

Different small cornrow braid styles to try

Some ladies like large cornrows, the other prefer small and tiny cornrow braid styles. We have something interesting for the second type of women — meet these amazing small cornrows that will help you stand out from the crowd!

The first style is quite simple here. Tiny braids on top, loose braids on the back of the head — simple as that. The only difficulty you may face is the number of the braids — yeah, it makes sense that the smaller the braids are, the more of them you will need to make. But if it’s not a problem for you, you’ll get a perfect result: a very elegant and feminine hairstyle!

Some micro braids, maybe? They can be actually styled in lots of different ways, but here we’ve chosen one of the simplest way to do them. Micro braids and ponytail — looks like a timeless classic, right?

Remember what we’ve said about short hair at the beginning? Like, about the cornrow braids that look great on any hair length?

Yes, you’ve got it right — very short hair isn’t an exception. If you have such hair, you can still wear cornrow braids, even the small ones. Just take a look at the photo and we can guarantee that you’ll love this style!

Different small cornrow braid styles to try 1
Different small cornrow braid styles to try 2
Different small cornrow braid styles to try 3

Simple big cornrows into a ponytail hairstyles

Big cornrows are what we call the nostalgy. They were extremely trendy 20-30 years ago, and the good news is they are still cool. Especially if they are mixed with top knots or ponytails!

We’ll begin with a really cool braided ponytail. It’s not one of those easy cornrow hairstyles, so if you wanna braid the hair at the back like this, you’ll have to ask your friend for help. Or you can go to a salon, it doesn’t really matter. The result will be worth it, we guarantee that.

The second style is extremely cool, too. It’s definitely a good choice for you if you prefer big and thick cornrows. It’s a classic ponytail which would look amazing on long hair.

The third photo will show you that the cornrow braids can look creatively. It’s a spiral braid which is definitely not too easy to do, but the combination of the thick braids and long, straight ponytail is the thing you just can’t miss. Agree?

Simple big cornrows into a ponytail hairstyles 1

Simple big cornrows into a ponytail hairstyles 2
Simple big cornrows into a ponytail hairstyles 3

Braiding cornrows hairstyles for kids

The first hairstyle here would work great for those who need some cornrows with box braids. It’s a protective style, and it’s very easy to make it even at home. You won’t need to go to a salon, and it’s a major advantage when we are talking about kids, right? Oh, and of course, it looks just great, so your girl will certainly love it.

The second hairstyle is quite simple, too, but, of course, it doesn’t that it’s bad or out of style. It’s a side ponytail for box braids. A simple protective hairstyle that looks extremely cool and fashionable — what else does a girl need, eh?

Check the third photo out, too. These four cornrows look really stylish, and the braids on top of head are creative as hell. Seriously, this pattern is the thing that will make your girl the star!

The last hairstyle is very stylish. Again! Well, we are sure that little girls have the right to wear trendy and fashionable hairstyles, too, so what’s the problem? Just take a look at the fourth photo — it’s a half cornrows half braids style, and your girl will 100% like it.

Braiding cornrows hairstyles for kids 1
Braiding cornrows hairstyles for kids 2
Braiding cornrows hairstyles for kids 3

Braiding cornrows hairstyles for kids 4

Pictures of side cornrows for natural hair

Extensions are a cool thing, but the cornrows can be good even on your natural hair. Like, take a look at the first photo — these classic cornrows don’t need any extensions, they look great even on short, natural hair. The sides look fantastic, that’s all we can say here.

The second style is perfect for short/medium curly hair. If you don’t wanna use any extensions, it may be a good choice for you — of course, it’s not as impressive as the previous cornrow styles, but it’s natural, and there’s nothing more to add here.

Are you blessed with long black natural hair? Then check out the third photo. These 5 cornrow braids look gorgeous and they would work great for any formal event.

Pictures of side cornrows for natural hair 1
Pictures of side cornrows for natural hair 2

Pictures of side cornrows for natural hair 3

Best braided hairstyles: short cornrows hair

If you don’t know how to braid cornrows yet, it would be better to start with something simple. Like the first hairstyle — these large cornrows are quite easy to do, and you won’t need any extensions to do them. Just your natural hair, that’s all (short hair would be perfect).

Meet another perfect style for your short hair! These cornrows are braided to the side, and this little detail makes them extremely elegant, even if your hair is short.

And the last one is bob, of course. We just couldn’t ignore bob hairstyles, ‘cause they are extremely popular, and mixing two popular things can’t lead to a bad result. Check this asymmetrical inverted braided bob out — it’s very, very good.

Best braided hairstyles short cornrows hair 1
Best braided hairstyles short cornrows hair 2
Best braided hairstyles short cornrows hair 3



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