52 Adorable Kids’ Braiding Hairstyles: Inspiring Photo Collection

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Braiding hairstyles for kids are not only adorable but also practical. They keep hair tidy, reduce tangling, and can last for several days, making them a favorite choice for busy parents and active kids. Here’s a collection of inspiring and cute braiding hairstyles for children:

1. Classic French Braids

  • Style: Two neat French braids on each side of the head.
  • Perfect For: School days, sports activities, or any occasion. Works well with medium to long hair.

2. Cornrows

  • Style: Small, tight braids that are braided close to the scalp in straight, curved, or geometric patterns.
  • Perfect For: A low-maintenance style that can last for weeks, suitable for all occasions.

3. Dutch Braids

  • Style: Similar to French braids, but braided underhand to create a 3D effect.
  • Perfect For: Adding a twist to the classic braid style, great for casual and formal events.

4. Box Braids

  • Style: Individual braids parted into square-shaped sections, often adorned with beads or ribbons.
  • Perfect For: A versatile and protective style, suitable for medium to long hair.

5. Fishtail Braids

  • Style: A braid that resembles the pattern of a fishtail, created by dividing the hair into two sections and alternately pulling small pieces from each side.
  • Perfect For: Special occasions or when you want a more intricate braid design.

6. Braided Crown

  • Style: Braids wrapped around the head to create a crown or halo effect.
  • Perfect For: Weddings, parties, or as a princess-like hairstyle for any day.

7. Braided Pigtails

  • Style: Classic pigtails with an added touch of braids.
  • Perfect For: Everyday wear, especially for young kids.

8. Braided Bun

  • Style: A bun at the back or top of the head, with hair braided before being twisted into a bun.
  • Perfect For: Dance recitals, formal events, or when you want a neat, tidy look.

9. Heart-Shaped Braids

  • Style: Braids styled in the shape of a heart, often at the back of the head.
  • Perfect For: Special occasions like Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

10. Braided Mohawk

  • Style: Braids along the sides of the head with a raised braid or unbraided section in the center, resembling a mohawk.
  • Perfect For: A fun, edgy look for parties or creative events.


When choosing a braiding style for a child, consider their hair type, length, and personal comfort. It’s also important to ensure that braids are not too tight to prevent discomfort or hair damage. With these adorable and diverse braiding styles, your child can enjoy both the beauty and practicality of braided hairstyles!

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