Beautiful Child’s Hair Styles You Can Do At Weddings

Looking good at weddings is important for people of all ages. However, this situation is slightly different for children. During the upcoming wedding season, the sweethearts of the girls are starting to swell.

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When it comes to children’s hairstyles for weddings, it’s essential to choose styles that are both elegant and functional. Children are likely to play and move around, so their hairstyle should withstand some activity while still looking beautiful for the special occasion. Here are some delightful hairstyles suitable for weddings:

  1. Classic Curls: Use a curling wand to give the hair soft, bouncy curls. This works especially well for flower girls or younger bridesmaids.
  2. Braided Crown: This involves creating a braid that circles the head, reminiscent of a crown. It’s elegant and keeps the hair away from the face.
  3. Bun with Ribbons or Flowers: A simple bun can be made special with the addition of ribbons or real/fake flowers that match the wedding colors.
  4. Half-Up with a Bow: Pull half of the hair back and secure it with a bow or another decorative hair accessory. This is a simple yet effective look that suits most hair lengths.
  5. Twisted Pigtails: Instead of regular pigtails, twist sections of the hair back and secure them, creating a more sophisticated version of the classic style.
  6. Loose Waves: For a relaxed, boho feel, style the hair in loose waves and perhaps add a flower crown or some individual blooms.
  7. Side Braid with Floral Accessories: Create a thick side braid and weave in small flowers or baby’s breath for a whimsical touch.
  8. Pinned Back with Barrettes: Use decorative barrettes to pin back sections of the hair, creating a half-up, half-down style.
  9. High Ballerina Bun: This timeless style looks polished and is excellent for keeping hair out of the face.
  10. French Braid: A classic French braid is elegant and functional. For an added touch, weave ribbons or thin garlands through the braid.
  11. Waterfall Braid: This beautiful braid style lets hair cascade down like a waterfall, making it perfect for weddings.
  12. Tucked Under Ponytail: Instead of a regular ponytail, tuck the ends under to create a loop. This gives a more formal appearance to the classic ponytail.
  13. Double (or Triple) Bun: Create two or three small buns at the back of the head in a row. This works especially well for kids with thicker hair.
  14. Braided Updo: Multiple small braids can be pinned up to create a detailed updo that looks intricate and fancy.
  15. Bob with Headband: If the child has a bob cut, style it straight or with soft waves, and add a decorative headband for a touch of glam.

Remember, while these hairstyles are beautiful, the comfort of the child is paramount. Ensure hairpins and accessories are securely fastened so they don’t irritate or become a nuisance. Using child-friendly styling products can also help keep the style in place throughout the festivities.

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