Braids for Kids- 59 Kids Braids with Beads Hairstyles

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When it comes to styling your child’s hair, you want a look that’s not only cute but also practical and easy to maintain. Braids for kids, adorned with colorful beads, offer the perfect solution. These hairstyles are not only fashionable but also fun for your little ones. Plus, they can last for weeks, reducing the daily fuss of hairstyling. Let’s explore some delightful kids’ braids with beads hairstyles that your child will adore.

  1. Classic Cornrows with Beads: Cornrows are a timeless choice. Add beads to the ends for a playful and stylish twist. Choose beads in different colors for a vibrant look.
  2. Box Braids with Beads: Box braids are versatile and low-maintenance. Incorporate beads throughout the braids to create a striking visual effect.
  3. Braided Pigtails with Bead Accents: Style your child’s hair into cute pigtails and attach beads along the length. This style is perfect for active kids.
  4. Beaded Braided Bun: Gather the braids into a high bun and adorn it with beads. It’s a chic and neat option for special occasions.
  5. Mixed Braids and Beads: Combine different braid styles like cornrows and box braids for a unique look. Add beads for an extra dose of charm.
  6. Beaded Fulani Braids: Fulani braids feature a distinct pattern. Embellish them with beads to create an eye-catching and culturally inspired hairstyle.
  7. Braided Bob with Beads: For a shorter look, opt for a braided bob. Attach beads to the ends for a playful touch.
  8. Beaded Halo Braid: Create a halo braid around your child’s head and add beads for a heavenly appearance.
  9. Space Buns with Beads: Style your child’s hair into cute space buns and secure them with colorful beads.
  10. Beaded Mohawk: Craft a braided mohawk style with beads running down the center. This edgy look is perfect for confident kids.
  11. Heart-Shaped Bead Accents: Insert beads in the shape of hearts along the braids. It’s a sweet and creative addition to any braided style.
  12. Rainbow Bead Extravaganza: Go all out with a rainbow of bead colors. Mix and match to create a vibrant and joyful hairstyle.

Conclusion: Kids’ braids with beads are a fantastic way to make your child’s hair look stylish while keeping it manageable. Whether you prefer classic cornrows, playful pigtails, or intricate Fulani braids, adding beads elevates the hairstyle to another level of fun and creativity. Encourage your child to choose bead colors and shapes that express their unique personality, making the hairstyling process an enjoyable bonding experience. These bead-adorned braids will keep your little one looking adorable and ready to conquer any adventure that comes their way.

With braids, all you’ll have to do on a busy school morning is oil their hair.

Whether your little ones are getting fulani braidsbox braidscornrows or a braided up do, beads will make the hairstyle more interesting.

Today’s article features 50 different braided hairstyles for little girls with beads.

If your child is tender headed or can’t stay still long enough to get their hair braided, check out these easy natural hairstyles for kids  or watch the video below.

Know what’s better than one, two or three beads? A lot of beads.

Choose different types of beads, strings, bows and braids accessories to ensure that your kids’ braids stand out.

Kids braids preparation

Before you take your child to get braided. Wash their hair using a shampoo and deep condition it.

Stretch or blow dry their hair and use an anti itch spray on their scalp.

Remind the stylist to avoid braiding too tightly on the roots and edges to prevent hair damage.

If your child is getting braided using their own hair, you won’t need braiding hair.

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