Cornrow Buckles You Can Use Easily – 2024 Little Girl Side Mohawk Braids

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Cornrow buckles, or hair accessories used to adorn cornrow hairstyles, have emerged as popular embellishments to elevate the look of braids. In 2023, the side mohawk braids for little girls is trending, and there are plenty of buckle options to accessorize this chic and edgy style. Here are some suggestions to make those side mohawk braids even more special:

  1. Beaded Buckles:
    • Description: Beads are classic cornrow accessories. For the side mohawk style, opt for colorful beads that match your little one’s outfit or her favorite colors.
    • How to Use: Attach them at the end of the braids or sporadically throughout for a playful effect.
  2. Golden Cuffs:
    • Description: These small metallic rings give a touch of shine and elegance.
    • How to Use: Slide them onto the braids, spacing them out or clustering a few together for a statement look.
  3. Bow Buckles:
    • Description: Cute little bows made of fabric or ribbon.
    • How to Use: Attach them at the start or end of the braids, or even in the middle for a surprise touch.
  4. Floral Clips:
    • Description: Tiny artificial flowers that can be clipped onto the braids.
    • How to Use: Scatter them throughout the side mohawk to give a spring or summer vibe.
  5. Rhinestone Stickers:
    • Description: Adhesive-backed rhinestones in various sizes and colors.
    • How to Use: Stick them along the cornrow lines for added sparkle.
  6. Charmed Threads:
    • Description: Threads or strings adorned with charms or pendants.
    • How to Use: Weave them into the braids, letting the charms dangle for a boho look.
  7. Butterfly Clips:
    • Description: Plastic or fabric butterfly-shaped clips.
    • How to Use: Attach them to the outer sections of the mohawk, giving the illusion of butterflies resting on the hair.
  8. Pearl Pins:
    • Description: Hairpins topped with a single or cluster of pearls.
    • How to Use: Pin them at the start of the braids for a touch of sophistication.
  9. Sequined Bands:
    • Description: Elastic bands covered in sequins.
    • How to Use: Use them to secure the end of the braids, adding a touch of shimmer.
  10. Feathered Extensions:
  • Description: Feathers attached to thin hair extensions.
  • How to Use: Integrate them into the braids for a whimsical and boho vibe.

The side mohawk braid is already a statement hairstyle, but adding cornrow buckles can provide a personalized touch. Whether you’re dressing up the look for a special occasion or just adding a daily dose of charm, these accessories will ensure your little girl’s hairstyle is always on point.


Little girl cornrow Mohawk braids

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