Curls and Crochet: Trendy Hairstyles to Make Girls Shine

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Curly crochet hairstyles have become increasingly popular for kids, offering a delightful combination of style, manageability, and protection for their delicate hair. These hairstyles are not only cute but also practical, making them perfect for busy little girls who love to play and explore.

The Appeal of Crochet Hairstyles for Kids

Crochet hairstyles involve crocheting hair extensions onto a child’s natural hair with a crochet needle. This method is less stressful on the scalp and hair, making it a great option for children. It allows for a variety of curly styles, from tight ringlets to loose waves, tailored to each child’s preference.

Top Curly Crochet Hairstyles for Girls

  1. Soft Ringlets: Crochet hair in soft ringlets is perfect for a classic, girly look. It’s great for special occasions or everyday wear.
  2. Loose Waves: For a more relaxed style, loose waves offer a laid-back yet adorable look. It’s easy to maintain and perfect for active kids.
  3. Bouncy Curls: Bouncy, springy curls add fun and personality to any look. This style is versatile and works well for all face shapes.
  4. Half-Up, Half-Down: Combining crochet curls into a half-up, half-down style creates a cute and practical hairstyle, keeping hair away from the face during activities.
  5. Braided Accents: Incorporate braids into the crochet hairstyle for an added touch of elegance. This can range from crown braids to braided headbands.
  6. Colorful Highlights: Add some colorful crochet strands for a playful and unique look. This is a fun way to let kids express their personalities through their hair.

Maintenance Tips

  • Gentle Care: Use a soft brush or wide-tooth comb for detangling to avoid damaging the crochet hair.
  • Moisturize: Keep the scalp and natural hair moisturized to promote healthy hair growth.
  • Regular Washing: Clean the scalp and hair regularly to maintain hygiene, using gentle shampoos.
  • Professional Installation: Consider having a professional stylist install the crochet hair to ensure it’s done correctly and comfortably.


Curly crochet hairstyles for girls offer a wonderful blend of fashion, fun, and practicality. They are a fantastic choice for parents looking for protective styles that still allow their kids to express themselves. With a variety of styles to choose from, there’s a perfect crochet look for every little girl, ensuring they feel confident and adorable every day.

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