Hairstyles with the Best Application of Cornrow Braids

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Cornrow braids have deep roots in African culture and have been embraced worldwide due to their versatility, beauty, and low maintenance. This intricate braiding technique lies flat against the scalp and can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether you’re seeking a protective style or just want to switch things up, here are some top cornrow braid hairstyles to consider:

  1. Classic Straight Back Cornrows: A timeless choice, these straight-back braids are simple, elegant, and suitable for any occasion.
  2. Side-Swept Cornrows: This asymmetrical style sweeps the braids to one side, offering a chic and modern appearance.
  3. Cornrows into a High Ponytail/Bun: The braids are crafted towards the crown, allowing the lengths to be tied into a high ponytail or twisted into a bun.
  4. Zig-Zag Cornrows: For a more playful approach, the braids follow a zig-zag pattern on the scalp, creating a striking design.
  5. Circular Cornrows: These braids are styled in concentric circles or spiral patterns, often culminating in a bun at the crown.
  6. Half Cornrows, Half Afro/Loose Hair: The front or top section of the head is styled with cornrows, while the back is left loose, showcasing natural curls or straightened hair.
  7. Beaded Cornrows: Embellish your braids by adding beads to the ends, providing an extra layer of style and cultural significance.
  8. Mixed Size Cornrows: Combine thicker braids with thinner ones to create texture and contrast.
  9. Cornrows with Box Braids: Start with cornrows at the scalp, transitioning into individual box braids as you move down the length of the hair.
  10. Mohawk Cornrows: The sides of the head are closely braided or buzzed, leaving the center section free. This middle portion can be cornrowed or styled in twists, curls, or even left loose.
  11. Cornrows with Undercuts: Combine the sleek look of cornrows with the edginess of an undercut for a bold style statement.
  12. Cornrows into Two Braided Pigtails: A fun and youthful look where cornrows merge into two large braids on either side of the head.
  13. Frontal Cornrow Crown: Only the front section of the hair is braided in a crown-like design, framing the face and leaving the back free.

Cornrow braids, apart from being stylish, also serve as a protective hairstyle, preserving the health and integrity of your natural hair. Remember to keep your scalp moisturized, and consider wearing a satin headscarf at night to maintain the braids’ neatness.

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