How To Make Your Hair Curly At Home Ultimate CurlsTransitioning phase: three to six months in At this stage, your hair is still mostly straight, but your natural texture starts to emerge. If youre interested in recreating this look on your own, head over to Janae Masons YouTube channel for a step-by-step.

Using heat to get hair wavy or curly hair is often harmful to the hair when done as fast as possible. If you want your hair to look lively and bright all the time, there are curly or wavy hair making methods on our site without using heat.

Frequent exposure to high temperatures to get curly hair causes the hair to dry, fade, and break. Over time you will notice that your hair is very worn out. If you need to apply heat to your hair often due to some imperative, you should stop these applications as much as possible.

That’s why we brought together for you the methods you can use to shape your hair, how to get curly hair without using heat.

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