The Easiest Ways To Comb Your Curly Hair

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Firstly it is very difficult to comb the curly hair that needs to be done from scratch. Wet scratched hair will not break because it will swell when the curly hair dries and the combing process will be both hard and painful. Take care to use the shampoos produced for curly hair as a shampoo during washing. After washing your curly hair, I recommend you to use a curling spray or a keratin-containing spray after washing. These products will make your hair easier to open because of the circulation of hair after the bathroom. The best way to dry curly hair is the diffuser that attaches to the tip of your dryer. This product will make your hair dry from tulle and make your tulle more visible. Choose combs that are large and sparse as combs. These combs will make your hair easier to open.


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