Various Cornrow Hairstyles For Girls

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Every mother knows the joy of adorning their little girl’s hair with unique and beautiful hairstyles. Cornrows, with their timeless appeal and protective nature, have been a favorite for many. For mothers who find solace and bonding in creating intricate patterns on their daughter’s head, this article is your treasure trove of inspiration.

  1. Classic Straight Back Cornrows: Sometimes, going back to basics is the best. These are easy to do and look neat and polished.
  2. Zig-zag Partings: Instead of the traditional straight partings, why not try zig-zag patterns? They add an unexpected twist to the classic cornrow.
  3. Side-Swept Cornrows: Instead of the usual straight-back cornrows, make them flow to one side of the head, culminating in a cascade of braids on one shoulder.
  4. Cornrows with Loose Ends: Begin with the classic cornrow but leave the ends loose. It gives a mix of structure and free-flowing hair.
  5. Cornrows into a Bun: Braid the cornrows towards the crown and then bundle them into a chic bun. Elegant and keeps the hair away from the face!
  6. Two-Toned Cornrows: Use extensions of a different shade than her natural hair. This gives a highlighted effect to the braids.
  7. Heart-shaped Cornrows: Perfect for special occasions, or just when she’s feeling a little extra love. The cornrows converge to form adorable heart patterns on her scalp.
  8. Cornrows with Beads: Adorn the ends with beads or even midway through the braids. They add color and fun to the look.

A Few Handy Tips:

  • Keep it Loose: While it’s essential to keep cornrows neat, ensure they aren’t too tight. This prevents any unnecessary tension or strain on the scalp.
  • Haircare: Remember to moisturize the scalp and hair. It maintains the health and sheen of the braids.
  • Time for Change: As much as braids can be protective and last long, it’s advisable to let the hair breathe and change up styles every few weeks.

Indeed, the world of cornrows offers a plethora of options for the artistic mothers out there. Each style speaks volumes and offers your little girl a chance to express herself uniquely. So, go ahead, and let your creativity run wild with these ideas. After all, there’s nothing quite like the bonding between a mother and daughter over braids and stories. Enjoy these moments!

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