Very Nice Braids Hairstyles fo Cute Ladies Are Here With Few Steps

Very Nice Braids Hairstyles fo Cute Ladies Are Here With Few Steps

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There are dozens of styles you can experience for your dream hairstyles. Among them, the ghana braids selection is indeed one of the interesting and interesting styles. At this stage, separating the hair and creating gaps is very important.

  1. Waterfall Braid:
    • Step 1: Begin with a side parting. Take a small section from the front.
    • Step 2: Divide the section into three and start a regular braid.
    • Step 3: After the first stitch, drop the lower strand and replace it with a new section of hair from below.
    • Step 4: Continue this pattern, creating a cascading effect, until you reach the back of the head. Secure with pins or an elastic.
  2. Box Braids Bob:
    • Step 1: Start with sectioned and detangled hair.
    • Step 2: Using your preferred braiding hair, start braiding from the root, making sure to divide the hair into squared sections, hence “box” braids.
    • Step 3: Continue until the entire head is covered. Cut and shape the braids into a bob hairstyle.
  3. Side-Swept Fishtail:
    • Step 1: Gather all your hair to one side.
    • Step 2: Divide the hair into two large sections.
    • Step 3: Take a small strand from the outer side of one section and cross it over to the inner side of the other section.
    • Step 4: Continue this process alternating sides until you reach the end. Secure with an elastic.
  4. Crown Braid:
    • Step 1: Create two low braids behind each ear.
    • Step 2: Pull one braid over the top of the head and secure with bobby pins.
    • Step 3: Do the same with the other braid, laying it in front of the first one and securing.
  5. Triangle Parted Box Braids:
    • Step 1: Section the hair, but instead of squared sections, aim for triangular ones.
    • Step 2: Braid each triangular section from root to tip.
    • Step 3: Finish by applying a light oil for shine and moisture.
  6. Braided Top Knot:
    • Step 1: Pull hair into a high ponytail.
    • Step 2: Braid the ponytail.
    • Step 3: Wrap the braid around the base of the ponytail, creating a bun. Secure with bobby pins.
  7. Half-Up Braided Bun:
    • Step 1: Take the top half of your hair and pull it into a ponytail.
    • Step 2: Braid the ponytail.
    • Step 3: Wrap the braid to form a bun and secure.
  8. French Braid Ponytail:
    • Step 1: Start a French braid at the crown of your head.
    • Step 2: Continue the braid down to the nape of the neck.
    • Step 3: Gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail.

Styling Tips:

  • Before starting any braided style, make sure the hair is clean, detangled, and slightly damp for manageability.
  • Use a light hair mousse or gel for better grip and a neat finish.
  • Protect your braids at night using a silk or satin scarf to reduce frizz.

These are just a few braided hairstyles that can add a touch of elegance and style. Experiment and customize based on personal preferences to create the perfect braided look!


Because the attractive Ghana women with a round face can achieve this and have great looks with very cool choices.

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