Wrong Legends Known About Your Hair

There are so many legends known about your hair that many are actually wrong.

Here we will share these false legends with you today.

1. With the right hair product, you can get rid of the fractures! FALSE. You cannot completely get rid of the fractures in your hair. The best way to do this is to remove them.
2. Dyeing hair dries and electrifies hair. FALSE. You can protect your hair with hair creams and color-protecting products so that your hair does not dry out.
3. My hair doesn’t grow any longer. FALSE. As long as your scalp is healthy and moist, you can grow your hair as much as you want.
4. Dry hair is a type of hair and you cannot change it. FALSE. Dryness in the hair occurs when the hair is not moist enough. So there is no rule that you will have dry hair forever.

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