10 Children Hairstyle For Special Invitations

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It’s true that special events like weddings and parties are an exciting time for little girls who get to dress up and feel like princesses. For mothers, ensuring their little ones look adorable throughout the event while keeping their hair neat can be a challenge. A hairstyle that’s both beautiful and durable can ease some of the stress for mothers. Here’s a suggestion for a hairstyle that will last through an evening of twirling and fun:

The Twisted Crown Braid:

  1. Start with clean, detangled hair. If the hair is naturally straight or prone to slipping, you might want to add some texture with a curling iron or texturizing spray.
  2. Create a parting. Decide if you want a middle or side part and section off the hair accordingly.
  3. Begin with a small section of hair. On one side of the parting near the temple, start with a small section and divide it into three.
  4. Start a French braid. Cross the right strand over the middle, then the left strand over the middle.
  5. Add in new hair. As you continue braiding, add in small sections of hair from the top and then from the bottom, creating a French braid that wraps around the back of the head.
  6. Transition to a twist. Once you reach the nape of the neck, switch from a braid to a twist. This is done by taking two sections and twisting them around each other, adding in new hair to each section as you go along.
  7. Secure the twist. When you reach the other side of the head, secure the twist with bobby pins discreetly tucked beneath the hair.
  8. Tuck the ends in. If there are any remaining ends, tuck them underneath the braid or twist and secure with more bobby pins.
  9. Add accessories (optional). For an extra touch of princess glamour, you might add some delicate hair accessories like flowers, ribbons, or sparkly clips.
  10. Set with hairspray. A good hold hairspray will help ensure that the hairstyle stays in place all night.

This style is not only pretty but practical as well. It keeps hair out of the face and minimizes the risk of tangles. Plus, it’s versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. And importantly, it’s fairly stable and should withstand a good amount of dancing and movement, making it perfect for active little girls.

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