Attractive Hair Braids for Girls Who Want to Look Like Their Mothers

Especially when it comes to girls, tinsel clothes and fancy hair come to mind.

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Braiding has always been a favorite when it comes to hairstyling for girls. They are not only beautiful but also practical for active kids. Here are some braided hairstyles perfect for young girls, which they will surely love:

  1. Simple Three-Strand Braids: Begin with the basics. You can braid her hair in one or two classic three-strand braids, letting them hang freely or twisting them into a bun for a more dressed-up look.
  2. Dutch Braids: These are like inverted French braids. Two Dutch braids starting from the forehead and going back can be combined into one or left as pigtails.
  3. Fishtail Braid: A more intricate look than the classic braid, fishtail braids involve weaving thin sections of hair together in a pattern that resembles a fish’s tail.
  4. Halo Braid: Create a Dutch or regular braid around the head, mimicking a halo. This style is particularly charming and suits both casual and special occasions.
  5. Braided Crown: Braid a section of hair on one side and pull it across the top of the head, securing with pins. This look is both regal and playful.
  6. Braid into Ponytail: Begin with a braid (Dutch, French, or fishtail) from the forehead, and instead of continuing it down, gather the hair into a ponytail.
  7. Braided Bun: Once you’ve created your braid (or braids), wind them into a bun at the nape of the neck or higher for a ballet bun look.
  8. Braids with Ribbons: Intertwine colorful ribbons or yarn into the braids for an added touch of fun and whimsy.
  9. Braided Updo: Especially for special occasions, braids can be woven and pinned in intricate patterns, creating an updo fit for a princess.
  10. Side Braids: Perfect for shorter hair, side braids are braided on one side, giving a chic asymmetrical look.
  11. Accent Braids: Instead of braiding the whole hair, add small braids as accents. They can be left hanging or pinned back for a half-up, half-down style.

Tips for Braiding Young Girls’ Hair:

  • Gentleness is Key: Kids’ scalps can be sensitive. Make sure not to pull too tight, as it can cause discomfort and even damage.
  • Prep the Hair: Before braiding, detangle the hair to make the process smoother. A bit of leave-in conditioner or detangling spray can help.
  • Accessorize: From colorful elastics to decorative pins and beads, accessories can elevate a simple braid to something special.
  • Maintenance: Remind your girl to use a silk or satin pillowcase or scarf at night to keep her braids looking neat.

Remember, while these hairstyles are fashionable, the primary aim is to ensure the child is comfortable and feels confident with her look. Every girl is unique, and what works for one might not work for another. It’s always good to involve them in the decision-making and allow them to express their personal style.

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