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Important Details to Consider in Children’s Hair Care

Children’s hair is much more sensitive than our hair.

Children’s hair is much more sensitive than our hair. Therefore, we need to be much more careful when caring for them. Now we will give you a few tips for children’s hair care.

-Dermatologists say that washing children’s hair twice a week is sufficient. If you wash it too often, your child’s scalp will dry out quickly.
-Children’s hair is more prone to breakage when combing. Therefore, you should stay away from plastic hair combs. Wooden combs will be more useful for children.
-Let’s not comb the hair right after the bath, let’s make sure it stays a little damp. If the scalp is sensitive, let them comb their hair themselves.
-Let’s cut our children’s hair short or collect it while playing games or going to school. Since the hair follicles are weak, they can break immediately when stuck somewhere.

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