By These Braids Your Daughter Will Be Very Comfortable In School

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Braided hairstyles are timeless and have always been a favorite for school-going kids. Not only are braids neat, keeping hair away from the face, but they’re also low maintenance – a perfect combination for active school days. When choosing a hairstyle for your daughter, comfort should be a priority, especially since she’ll be wearing it for a considerable amount of time during the day.

Here are some braided hairstyles that will ensure your daughter stays comfortable and stylish while in school:

  1. Classic Cornrows: These are tight, neat braids close to the scalp, usually running from the front to the back. You can get creative with designs, making zig-zags or curves. Since the hair is neatly tucked away, this style will last for a couple of weeks with minimal maintenance.
  2. Box Braids: These are individual plaits, usually divided by small squared-off parts or boxes. Box braids are versatile, allowing for various hairstyles like ponytails, buns, or even left hanging down.
  3. Dutch Braids: Also known as “reverse French braids”, these braids pop out, instead of sinking in like the French braids. They run down the back, and you can choose to have one, two, or multiple, depending on your child’s preference.
  4. Twisted Braids: Instead of the traditional three-strand braid, twisted braids use two strands. They’re quicker to install and are a bit looser, providing more comfort.
  5. Braided Crown: This is a braid that wraps around the head, similar to a crown or halo. It’s elegant and keeps hair completely off the face.
  6. Braided Bob: If your daughter has short hair, a braided bob could be an ideal choice. The braids fall around the face, creating a bobbed hairstyle effect.

Tips for Ensuring Comfort:

  1. Avoid Tightness: While it’s essential for braids to be secure, ensure they’re not done too tightly. This can cause discomfort and even lead to headaches.
  2. Keep It Moisturized: Ensure the scalp is moisturized to avoid itchiness. Use light oils or sprays formulated for braided hairstyles.
  3. Night Care: To maintain the braids and ensure comfort, have your daughter sleep with a satin or silk scarf. This prevents frizz and keeps the braids looking neat.
  4. Regular Maintenance: While braids are low maintenance, they still need care. Regularly check for any loose braids, and redo them if necessary.

With these braided hairstyles, not only will your daughter be the talk of the school for her stylish hair, but she’ll also be comfortable, letting her focus on her studies and play. Remember always to listen to her preferences and involve her in the decision-making process. After all, she’s the one wearing the style!

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