Use Kids Braids Longer in a Few Steps

The hairstyles we will make for our children are often limited in number.

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The hairstyles we will make for our children are often limited in number. But, especially girls always want different and fun hairstyles. For this reason, we as mothers can do some research on this issue. We all know about braids, but these braids are much more beautiful and durable. If you want children’s braid models to last longer, you should choose these braiding models. There are incredibly beautiful models, especially for girls who go to primary school. If you want it to be more durable, you can first have these models made at the hairdresser. Because they are held more tightly, these braids will not deteriorate for very long.

If you want to make kids’ braids longer in just a few steps, follow these simple guidelines:

1. Start with Clean and Detangled Hair:
Before extending the braids, make sure the child’s hair is clean and free from any tangles. Gently comb through the hair to remove any knots or snags.

2. Prepare Hair Extensions:
Choose hair extensions that match the child’s hair color and texture. Opt for synthetic hair extensions specifically designed for braiding. You can find them at beauty supply stores or online.

3. Section the Hair:
Divide the child’s hair into small, manageable sections using hair clips or elastics. This will make the braiding process easier and more organized.

4. Attach Hair Extensions:
Take a small section of the child’s natural hair and a corresponding section of the hair extension. Apply a small amount of hair gel or styling product to the child’s natural hair for better grip. Then, attach the hair extension to the natural hair, making sure it is secure.

5. Start Braiding:
Begin braiding the child’s hair as you normally would, incorporating the extensions into each braid. Use the three-strand braiding technique, making sure to include the hair extension in each step of the braid.

6. Repeat and Secure:
Continue braiding the child’s hair, adding more extensions as needed to achieve the desired length. Secure the ends of each braid with a small hair elastic or a hair-friendly rubber band.

7. Style and Finish:
Once all the braids are in place, you can style them as desired. You can leave them loose, create buns or ponytails, or accessorize them with beads or colorful hair accessories.

Remember to be gentle when handling the child’s hair and extensions to avoid causing any discomfort or damage. Also, ensure that the child is comfortable with the added length and weight of the braids.

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