Check Out 25 Braided Hairstyle For Your Lovely Little Angels

Braiding hair for kids is not an easy task, especially when they are your children. They can be very energetic, even in the morning. Therefore, most of the time, parents may not be able to style their kids’ hair the way they want it: unique and eye-popping.
Things are a little bit more tricky when it comes to doing braids for them. Since this intricate hairstyle has become a priceless tradition for many African families, many parents consider it a beautiful and creative process, which must be done carefully. Luckily, there are still a lot of beautiful braids out there that do not require much time and patience.

The Origin Of Braids

Africa is the initial foundation of braids. Larry Sims, a celebrity hairstylist and the brand ambassador for the international hair care company Schwarzkopf, stated: “Braids have been impressionable throughout history.” She also mentioned: “The origin of braids can be traced back 5000 years in African culture to 3500 BC—they were very popular among women.”
The chronicle described how this fabulous art was initiated by the Himba of Namibia. It was a trademark, indicating the members of different tribes. Additionally, it was also used as a way to show the owners’ age, marital status, wealth, power, and religion. No wonder why it has been treasured and passed on from generation to generation among Africans.


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